Posted on: 8 July 2020
Certain types of glass are designed to take a lot of stress. However, there may still be times when the glass ends up chipped or damaged in other ways. This damage can ha

Posted on: 26 June 2020
The shower has undergone several evolutions over the years. From nothing more than a curtain pulled on hooks to a fully-enclosed rock cave, showers are as unique as the h

Posted on: 22 June 2020
Auto glass damage can be a common problem for any automobile, but there are generally a handful of repairs that will be especially common for car owners to need to have d

Posted on: 15 June 2020
There are few pieces of glass that will be more important to your business than the storefront windows. Unfortunately, these windows can also be among the most vulnerable

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Cracking The Crystal Think about a champagne flute. The glass it is made from is so fine and dainty. Now, think about the front window of a store. That glass is incredibly thick and durable in order to resist wind and weather. It's amazing how different these two types of glass are. Do you know what else is amazing? The fact that glass has been made in the United States since the Colonial era. That's right — there was a glass factory in the colony of Jamestown in the 1600s! We won't claim to be as awesome as these early glass artisans, but we are good at supplying you with information about glass. You can find that information here, on this blog.