Successfully Repairing A Glass Pane In Your Home

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If you have a window that has a flawed pane of glass, you likely wonder if it can be successfully repaired or if a replacement pane is necessary. In many instances, chips or smaller cracks can be repaired using simple tools you may already have lying around your house. Here are some options to take into consideration if you wish to effectively patch a window with glass that is no longer completely smooth. 

Use Tape As A Quick-Fix Solution

While not the most aesthetically-pleasing way to make a glass repair, the addition of tape over a crack or chip helps to keep damage from escalating. Use clear tape so you do not obstruct your view through the pane of glass after it is applied. Make sure to extend the ends of the tape past the starting points of the crack or chip so the flawed portion of the glass is completely covered. It is best to add tape to both sides of the window pane to ensure the damage is completely sealed.

Fill In The Flaw With Glue Or Nail Polish

Clean your window thoroughly, making sure to get any debris out of the crack or chip before adding a filling agent to the damaged portion of the glass. Clear nail polish or glue effectively fills in voids with a protective coating that aids in helping to stop the spread of damage. Use a small brush to dab the filler into the damaged area and allow it to dry in its entirety. You may need to add a few coatings of the filler, as these agents tend to dry quickly.

Use Epoxy For A Clear Solution

Epoxy works well at filling in cracks and chips and leaves panes of glass looking almost like new. This type of agent is purchasable from hardware or auto supply stores. It dries quickly and leaves behind a clear filler that is hard to remove once it is in place. Clean the damaged portion of your window and apply the epoxy according to its packaging directions. After it dries, you may notice remnants of the filler sticking up from the flawed spot. These can be removed by gently rubbing them with your finger or by scraping them away with a razor blade. After several applications of epoxy are applied, the pane will appear completely smooth and you may not be able to notice any flaw whatsoever. 

Contact a local residential window repair service to learn more. 

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