Installing A Shower? 2 Types Of Shower Door Enclosures You Can Purchase

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If you are installing a new shower in your bathroom you will need to choose the shower door enclosure. There are different types available for you, two of which are listed below. You can then hire a company to install your new shower for you.

Frameless Shower Door Enclosure

One type you can choose is a frameless shower door enclosure. This type does not have any metal support for the shower door to function. Instead, there are only glass doors, which are also known as seamless doors. 

There are many benefits of choosing frameless shower door enclosures. It makes the shower appear much larger with more space. This is because you do not see a frame, which makes the doors appear smaller. Also, if you have beautiful tile inside the shower, more of it can be seen with a frameless shower door.  

One benefit of a frameless shower door enclosure is it is much easier to clean. You will not have to worry about mold or mildew building up on the frames. Instead, there is one solid piece of glass to clean. This also saves you a lot of time as you can clean these doors much faster. 

If your bathroom is small or often appears darker, a frameless shower door allows more light to get in because there are no tracks to block light. 

Framed Shower Door Enclosures

If you want to save money, you can choose a framed shower door enclosure. This type has a frame that the shower doors rest in. The frames can come in a variety of colors, such as silver, gold, etc. 

Framed doors are more stable when compared to frameless shower door enclosures. Glass shower doors are made of tempered glass. This type of glass breaks into small pieces instead of large shards so there are fewer injuries. With a framed door, the frame does provide more stability so there is less of a chance of the shower door breaking. 

Framed shower doors are also easier to install than a frameless shower door enclosure. You may be able to install the doors yourself if you are the DIY type because you only need to hang the frame. Frameless doors require you to place hinges and other hardware. 

Framed glass shower door enclosures leak less because the track traps the water running from the shower. The track itself has caulking along with the frame to protect your bathroom from water spillage. 

Both frameless and framed glass shower door enclosures will work well for you. Contact a company that sells frameless doors, such as Econo Glass Systems, to learn more about them.  

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