3 Common Reasons Why The Glass To Your Commercial Windows Might Break

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As a business manager, you have probably had to deal with broken glass at some point. Sometimes the glass breaks by shattering into small pieces, and you have to replace the entire pane. At other times, the glass breaks by getting small cracks, holes, and other minor damages that will leave your offices and other spaces unprotected and open to unwanted dust and debris. Here are four of the most common ways that windows break and pro tips on handling the problem.

Workplace Accidents

One of the common causes of window glass issues is accidents. The commercial environment is different from residential spaces because of the activities happening around the building. Sometimes, a demolition next door could lead to debris getting hurled against your window panes. It could also occur when moving office furniture or during window cleaning. Coating the windows with a protective film is an excellent way to ensure that even when it breaks, it will not shatter and injure someone. 

The Normal Wear and Tear

Wear and tear happens to all parts of a building, and windows are not an exception. The deterioration is an effect of aging and constant exposure to harsh weather elements. For example, the moisture will affect the caulking that seals the gaps between the window frame and the window glass, creating spaces that air can pass through. The contraction and expansion resulting from the heat and cold also lead to cracking. Regular maintenance will help you to assess the condition of your windows. Small cracks compromise the overall integrity of the windows, which eventually leads to damage. 

Inclement Weather

Poor weather also leads to a lot of window damage. For instance, places that experience hailstones often need shutters to protect the window glass from breakage. Storms also damage windows because they lead to objects and tree branches banging against the glass. You should constantly assess your windows after stormy weather to ensure no damage goes unnoticed. It is also advisable to chain down your outdoor office furniture because most of the time, it gets hurled against the windows and glass doors during the storm, which leads to damaged glass. 

These are some of the common reasons why you might have broken commercial glass windows. You should call a commercial window repair contractor to assess your windows and determine whether you need to repair the minor damages or replace them. With their help, you will restore energy efficiency in your premises and protect your belongings from weather damage. 

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