2 Reasons Why You Should Not Replace Your Own Car Windshield

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If your car's windshield has suffered catastrophic damage, you may have decided that you will buy a windshield and attempt to install it yourself. However, there are a couple of reasons why you should not replace your own car window on your own.

1.  Decreased Chance of Sealing the Edges of the Windshield Properly

One reason why you should not try to replace your own car windshield is that there is a good chance that you will not be able to fully seal the edges of the windshield. This problem could be because you lack the material and equipment to seal the edges. Or, you may inadvertently choose a replacement windshield that is not an exact fit for the space.

Since the glass is under a tremendous amount of pressure while you are driving your car, the junction between the windshield's edges and the car's frame must be fully sealed and the fit precise. If not, there is a good chance that the glass edge could crack since it will be prone to slight movement. In addition, there is also the possibility that the windshield could fall out or fly off if the glass is not fully sealed. Since the fitting and sealing of the windshield takes know-how and special tools, you would be better off having someone who has professional experience do the job instead of doing it yourself.

2.  Increased Risk of Shattering the Glass During and After Installation

Another problem that may arise if you attempt to replace your own windshield is an increased risk of shattering the glass both during and after installation. Improper sealing is the most likely cause of broken glass after installation. 

While you are the one installing the windshield, the risk of shattering the glass is present because you most likely do not have the proper equipment to hold and support the pane while you are moving it into position. If you simply hold the edges, stress on the glass while it is in motion could cause tiny cracks, which will break when pressure is applied.

Unless you have the knowledge and tools to do the job, you should forego the idea of removing and installing the car's windshield yourself, and instead, leave it up to a professional. Contact a business near you that offers windshield replacement services to discuss your options of having them fit and install the glass for you.

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