Why It Is Important To Keep An Eye On All Your Cars Windows, Not Just The Windshield

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Car windows are a prominent feature that takes up a large portion of the structure of your car, and it is important that you monitor them whenever you drive. Windows have gotten a lot more advanced since they were first introduced, and now they can be operated at a touch of a button, but that does not make them immune to the issues they have always faced. Here are a few problems you should keep your eye on when it comes to your auto glass and why it is important you immediately go to an auto glass mechanic if you see a problem.

Window Not Fully Closing

Occasionally, power windows will get stuck a few millimeters short of where they should be, which might not seem like a big deal until you leave your car outside and it rains. If you hear the sound of rushing wind while you are driving and you assumed all the windows were up, then there is a good chance it is coming from a slightly open and broken window in the back or passenger seat. Try to get this fixed by an auto glass mechanic quickly, as it also poses a security threat that could be exploited by criminals and carjackers.

Window Shaking Continuously 

If your window is rattling very loudly while you are driving, then it is probably not secured as well as it should be. While this is certainly more of a surface-level issue, particularly if the window still responds normally to directions, it can be immensely annoying. That in itself can be dangerous, because if you are focusing on a rattling noise in the background, then you are not giving the road the entire focus that it deserves, which can lead to an accident. This is a relatively easy fix, but one that is still necessary so don't put it off forever.

Slight Crack

Even if your back window has a small crack or chip, you need to get it dealt with ASAP. This is because it only takes a little bit of a bumpy road to turn that crack into a fully-fledged broken window, and the last thing you want is glass raining down on your passengers because you forgot to take your car to an auto glass mechanic. Replacing small cracks can be done without removing the window, but in most cases, a new window will be suggested by the mechanics, simply because it is the safer option of the two ways to fix a chipped window. 

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