2 Ways To Keep Graffiti From Ending Up On Your Building

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You want your business to make the best possible impression on people as they walk into it. That means that you don't want to have to deal with things like graffiti. Even well done graffiti isn't going to give your customers a good impression on your building. That means that you need to have things that you can do or use in order to help prevent graffiti or make it harder to put on your building. 

Anti-Graffiti Coating

One thing that you can do is to put an anti-graffiti coating on all your walls. This coating is put over your walls and on top of the paint. It generally doesn't really change the appearance of your walls, so if you have a particular color you like on the exterior walls, you shouldn't end up with a different one. The way that these coatings work is that they don't let the molecules of the spray paint adhere to the wall underneath. It's not that the paint will just slide off the wall while the person is trying to tag it. When you go to wash it off, it will come off easily. You may have to have the coating reapplied periodically depending on what kind you got and how often you have someone tagging your walls, but it is much less expensive to get an anti-graffiti coating reapplied than it is to have your walls sandblasted and repainted regularly. 

Graffiti Film

While coatings can work really well for your walls, they work less well on the windows in your building. Further, the windows in your building are as much of a target as your walls are, especially if people have figured out that your walls are treated to prevent their tags from sticking. There are films that a window repair company can come and apply to your windows so that graffiti won't stick. The nice thing about these films is that you can get some that are tinted as well, so not only are you going to protect your window from being tagged, you are also going to be able to limit the amount of light that makes it into your business through the night. 

You want to keep your business' building looking neat and professional. That means that you don't want to have graffiti all over your building. There are ways that you can prevent graffiti from happening. Contact a graffiti film service, such as American  Glass Tint Inc, for more information.

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