Pros and Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

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The shower has undergone several evolutions over the years. From nothing more than a curtain pulled on hooks to a fully-enclosed rock cave, showers are as unique as the homeowners that install them.

One of the more recent introductions to the market is the frameless shower door, which is, as the name implies, a glass door that is held up by minimal hardware. These doors offer a more natural aesthetic to the room.

But is it right for you? Consider these few options as you make your decision.


There's no doubt about it: frameless shower doors cost more than conventional shower doors. But with that increase in cost comes an increase in options. For starters, many people believe that a frameless shower door just looks better. It's minimalistic look appeals to the modern-minded homeowner who is looking to add simplicity to their life. Also, frameless shower doors are generally not mass-produced; they're custom cut and custom-fitted to your space. At the very least, you can be sure that nobody else will have one exactly like yours.


Since frameless shower doors are cut to fit your specific shower, there's a slight possibility for mold and mildew to pass through the shower doors and into your floor. You don't have the benefit of a rubber seal to keep water in the shower, for instance, so a cut that's even a quarter-inch off can result in a massive headache. For that reason, you have to make sure that you hire the right person for the job.  As far as other upkeep goes, it's always a good idea to keep a squeegee nearby to wipe down the door after every use to cut down on water stains.


Frameless shower doors are generally made with tempered glass. Tempered glass is made by a chemical process that is designed to strengthen several layers of the glass and make it less prone to shattering. It's still glass, however, which means that there's always the possibility that it could chip, crack, or break completely. Even with heavy, everyday use, frameless shower doors are designed to stand the test of time, which means you most likely will never run into any problems with the glass breaking. If you do, be sure to contact a company that specializes in glass shower door services to treat your door.

To learn more about frameless shower doors, contact an installer near you.

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